How Long Does It Take for MenScript to Work?

Sildenafil and Viagra in about 30 minutes

Tadalafil and Cialis each day, takes 4-5 days before you get erection.

Stendra: about 15 minutes

MenScript is a fantastic Telemedicine service where, after the free consultation with a physician, you have access to a variety of ED treatments that have proven effective , including sildenafil (and the brand-name Viagra). As a company, MenScript impresses us very well and there are occasions where we’d recommend MenScript ahead of all other ED treatments.

MenScript Shipping Policy

MenScript offers free shipping. They only deliver to the United Kingdom and the Netherlands. Orders ship in the morning following the prescription is written and take a couple of days.

MenScript Return Policy

MenScript cannot accept returns. They suggest contacting them in case you are unhappy about your purchase and they’ll do what they can to make things right.

Subscriptions are able to be cancelled for free but you will be charged if your next refill has been taken care of by the pharmacy. There is a money back guarantee on hair products.

Contact MenScript

If you have questions that weren’t covered in this MenScript review, you can get in touch through email at [email protected].